Give Your Business a Makeover

Give Your Business a Makeover

Update your office with commercial remodeling in Mandeville, LA

Commercial remodeling by AMS Construction & Mold Remediation makes buildings more comfortable for both employees and clients. We’re happy to help with remodeling projects in banks, retail stores or restaurants, as well as other commercial locations.

Whether you have a small project that might take three or four hours or a larger project that takes up the whole retail space, we can tackle it. No job is too big.

Contact us now to arrange for commercial remodeling in Mandeville, LA.


We have plenty of experience rebuilding office spaces. Are you looking to convert an old building into a series of offices? We can help with that. We’ll find the best way to utilize the space that you have, and then we’ll put up walls where you need them.

You can rely on us for plenty of commercial remodeling services, including:

  • Installing new flooring
  • Painting ceilings and walls
  • Working on drywall
  • Fixing electrical signs
  • Changing parking lot lights
  • Making minor plumbing repairs

We’re prepared to work on almost any project. Call today to get a free estimate on commercial remodeling in Mandeville, LA.